Spheres Conference


Our community is transforming whether we like it or not; in the past years we have witnessed fast growth and remarkable progress in each spheres/sectors: the economic sector, health sector, technology and innovation or building democracy and governance.

Systems are the functional units of a community in which the social dynamics is monitored. Systems,  referring to spheres of influence, shape the course of a certain community either in positive or negative ways. It is very strategic to consider these spheres of influence if we mean business to transform nations.

We truly believe that the youth plays a great role in this change and mainly Christian youth has the opportunity to redeem all sectors and host the will of God to be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

The 7 spheres conference is inspired to facilitate this pace of transformation by urging the youth to actively take part in transforming nations through carrying out their God-given mandate of being “salt of the earth” and “light of the world” Mathhew 6:13-14.



General Objective

To Inspire the youth and impart vision, passion, wisdom and invaluable information that they can utilise to go into each sphere and sector and bring about a measurable, Godly impact.

Specific Objective


  • Inspiring the youth to dare to reach beyond the pre-set limits of society and culture
  • Inciting the Christian youth to walkout the salt and light nature that God has already instilled within them
  • Creating a platform to give exposure for the young generation where they can explore beyond the limits of the church compound into different sectors and systems
  • Imparting vision and passion to the young generation


  • To offer a stage for the transfer of invaluable wisdom from seasoned pioneers in each sector to the emerging generation
  • Creating the suitable medium for the generation and flow of ideas


  • Arranging a platform for young professionals to connect and network
  • Providing resources, mentorship and guidance to young people who are ready to take action
  • Facilitating opportunities for young professionals to advance in their sphere of influence


Event Design

Pre-event Sessions

Before the main conference, there will be a pre-event with all the keynote speakers and panellists with the main aim of creating a common understanding and mutual view among the main hosts of the conference. There will be an in-depth discussion on the event’s objective and the expected deliverables.

Plenary Sessions

The Seven Spheres conference is going to be an all-day event with many segments. At the morning session, there will be seven different conferences occurring simultaneously, each with over 200 attendees. Each conference will be led by an event host/moderator, keynote speaker and a panel of three to four.

The topics of discussion that will be addressed in these sessions include the government sphere, family sphere, business sphere, arts & entertainment sphere, religion sphere, education & technology sphere, and the media sphere.

The conference will be hosted by well-known public figures and speakers from all seven spheres. It will start with a panel discussion followed by a Q&A session and a speech by the keynote speaker on the topic.

Special Showcasing

At the conference hall there will be an exhibition space where companies, individuals and other involved stakeholders are invited to showcase inspirational designs, illustrations, innovations, graphic elements, content and technology.

Unique mix of the most exciting and engaging contemporary art and designs offering cross-cultural insight will be displayed.

Brochures and guiding materials: The exhibition adds value to the overarching event by giving participants a good insight into the actualization of what has been discussed.

Post-event Session

An opportunity for young students and professionals to receive tailored advice from well-known public figures and speakers as well as prominent pioneers in their sphere of influence with regards to practical steps they should take in their sector of interest. Dedicated discussion points will be set up in the arranged rooms at which up-close consultations will take place and personal questions addressed.

Since this is a recurring event, this will also create an opportunity to ask the participants about their experience and will serve as a great learning experience for future similar events.

Register for Spheres Conference 2023

Annual Youth Summit 2023

August 18th
Friday ~ 2:30 – 6:30 Local Time

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