Global Youth Network (GYN)

AYS has been coming up with so many different initiatives, projects and program designs throughout the years to best express and present the timely agenda of God in each season. Each of the program designs and initiatives we include in the summit are platforms with specific objectives to convey the message to the generation and practical steps upon the word God has been giving us.

This year God has been implicating us to build a network across the globe around the timely message of God. We are excited to initiate connections among different youth communities across the world and to present ourselves to this noble and heavenly agenda. Hence, The Annual Youth Summit presents a new initiative called Global Youth Network (GYN).



One Generation – One Message

● Addressing the timely agenda to the global youth revival community. God speaks globally and we have a mandate to address the        contemporary global youth about the timely agenda of God

One Generation – One Mission

● Creating a networking platform for the global revival family to bond in fulfilling the global mission of the Kingdom of God

One Generation – One Place

● Inviting individuals and communities in this initiative to join us for our Annual Youth Summit happening every year in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia during August either in person or virtually.

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Upcoming Event: Global Youth Network – Vision Sharing Zoom Conference July 1st 2:00PM EST (20:00 O’clock)

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