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God has put a vision to initiate a global youth movement with a mission long ago. I believe this is in the heart of many. This is a call to all who have been inspired by this same passion to come together and initiate a global mission movement among the youth.


GYMM is a prospective global youth movement that aims to inspire and empower the global youth to carry out heaven’s mission on earth. Everyone has been commissioned by God to extend His kingdom wherever he/she lives. Yes, we all are commissioned! No one was sent from heaven for no reason.

Mathew 28:18

“And Jesus came and spoke unto them, saying, all power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.”


The main aim of this movement is to create a platform for the global youth to identify and accomplish the mission commissioned by our Lord together.


Taking over the global cities and nations with Kingdom culture.

The mission movement has certain focus areas, to begin with, though it is fully open to make decisions and draft final projects together with responsible bodies.

Suggested Strategies

The movement should go stronger and stronger till all is consumed and nations are made a disciple. We have to come closer before the presence of God and need to receive the best fitting strategies for such season. Here are some suggested strategies to ponder. Let’s give time to The Holy Spirit to put His ways in our hearts for the movement we are inspired of:

  1. Empowering the Missionaries

The Mission is carried out with a missionary. Becoming a missionary doesn’t necessarily mean being sent out to another country. We have to bring the Missionary mentality among global Christian youth – “we all are missionaries wherever we are.” We plan to arrange empowering programs to esteemed missionaries in collaboration with other international mission ministries. We need to acquire at least basic tools to become effective in carrying out our mission with power.

Here are some suggested empowering programs

      • Training
      • Activation
      • Spirit sharing
      • Impartation
  1. Events

The movement will arrange different events for this specific mission. The events will comprise different gatherings that will be used as a means of transferring the message of the Gospel. Here are some examples of events that can be run under this movement:

I. Worship Tour / Concert

      • A huge number of congregations will gather in such kinds of events and we will be able to testify the works of Jesus.
      • This can be done in collaboration with known worship teams all over the world.
      • The tour will address different cities and countries one after another.

II. International Christian Youth Conference

      • This is going to be a grand international conference that will be hosted by partnering youth ministries and churches of this movement.
      • Each detail will be done with the partners.
      • We expect hundreds of thousands of new convert youths at the conference. We also expect thousands to be ignited by the love and power of God.
      • The organizing team arranges where and when to host the conference.
      • Annual Youth Summit is one of the international conferences.

III. International Youth Evangelism Day

      • This might not be considered as an event. However, it is one of the legacies that will be owned by the movement.
      • The movement aims to have a fixed day to evangelize our respective areas in one spirit and accord all over the world.
      • We will be talking with the partners about the date and how we announce it publicly and achieve its intent.

IV. Visiting Initiated Youth Fellowships

      • We expect our international visitors to initiate certain fellowships when they return to their home city.
      • They need help, wisdom, and courage. So, GYMM will provide visiting programs in which the team travels to empower and strengthen initiated movements.

3. Media Evangelism – Digital Missionaries

As a 21st-century youth community, media is the most appealing way of addressing global youth. Most of the lifestyles and ideologies that give the entire image of the global youth are conveyed by the best work of media. Media has become a psychological residence (home) for the global community.

Redeeming media and taking over it is something we should take advantage of. We need to thoroughly look and penetrate the media world to accomplish our mission concerning global youth.

How we use Media as an evangelism tool?

The main thing in media is the content that we convey through it. We can use the media to transfer the message of the Gospel by utilizing it effectively and excellently. Schools, youth centers, and generally the whole generation is easily addressed through media if we have something valuable and approachable.

We classify the media evangelism into three:

      1. Printing Media
      2. Broadcasting Media
      3. Internet Media
Initiating Youth Fellowships

The movement is monitored by a global leadership team. True achievement is carried out by a devoted leadership. The movement requires committed leaders. The leadership is going to be an international leadership team being Addis Ababa its headquarter.

We aim to initiate youth fellowship/program/church in every nation when our guests go back to their region by making them over takers of cities and national leaders.

Global Church Network

We intend to create a global network with churches and ministries who have a kingdom mentality. The network will serve to provide:

  • Financial support
  • Mentoring program
  • Overseeing and covering the movement
  • Giving training to the missionaries
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